Black turtle beans and long grain rice. Fagioli neri e riso a grana lunga.

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Surely NOT a quick recipe… but healthy, that is for sure.

I am not a doctor nor a nutrition expert, but I have read that beans provide you with tons of proteins, with little or no fat. Therefore I have decided to reintroduce them into my diet as a substitute of meat from time to time.

I drew some inspiration for this dish from the Brazilian recipe called Feijoada. The (big) difference – taste and nutrition wise – is that the beans are cooked with meat in that recipe. I’ll surely try it some day!


To prepare this dish, a lot of time and patience are required, even though you won’t have to do much.

First of all you need to soak the beans in water for 8 to 12 hours. Usually for a part of beans you should add 5 parts of water.

When ready, drain them.

In a pot, fry some garlic, one sliced onion, some cumin and chilli flakes in olive oil for few minutes;

then add the beans and after 1 minute add water ( for 1 part of beans 2 parts of water – if necessary add stock water while cooking).

Then also add paprika, 1 can of tomato sauce, the juice of one lemon, mint leaves.

Cook for 3 hours ( over low heat ) or more if needed, and stir occasionally.

Serve with long grain rice.


Per preparare questo piatto avrete bisogno di tempo e pazienza.

Mettere in acqua per 8 o 12 ore i fagioli. Per 1 parte di fagioli, 5 parti di acqua.


Soffriggere in una pentola dai bordi alti una cipolla a fettine, 1 o 2 spicchi d’aglio, cumino, peperoncino con olio d’oliva;

dopo qualche minuto aggiungere i fagioli, dopo un altro minuto aggiungere del acqua ( per una parte di fagioli utilizzare 2 parti d’acqua – aggiungere del brodo durante la cottura se necessario ).

Aggiungere paprika, salsa di pomodoro, il succo di un limone e menta.

Cuocere per circa 3 ore a fuoco lento e mescolare di tanto in tanto.

Servire con riso a grana lunga.

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