Soup recipe with black beans, Bulgar wheat, carrots, peppers, curry spices, red chilli flakes, rosemary, vegetable cube.

soup with black beans, bulgur wheat, carrots, peppers, spices

In a nutshell:

- wash the beans and leave them in water for 8-10 hours as per package instructions ( 1 part of beans, 5 parts of water)
– rinse the beans
– in a pot, stir fry a chopped onion in 2 tbsp of olive oil
– add the beans for a few minutes, then 4 parts of water, vegetable cube, and cook for an hour and a half
– then add chopped carrots, curry spices ( i.e. ground cumin ), rosemary, red chilli flakes
– after 30 minutes add the sliced pepper
– during the last 10/15 minutes, add the Bulgar wheat
– add boiling water if needed
– Serve and enjoy this tasty, healthy, low calorie dish!

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