Strawberry Fields Cake


What can a Beatles fan bake in spring in Ireland?! A “strawberry fields” cake! 

I won’t add a recipe because I made this a long time ago. I do remember that it was an experiment though. I used a normal sponge cake recipe to start with, then added to it tons of (washed) chopped fresh Irish strawberries ^_^

When it was ready, I sprinkled some caster sugar on top.

Funnily enough, I didn’t discover this song while listening to a Beatles album. I first heard “Strawberry Fields Forever” sung by the handsome Jim Sturgess in the movie “Across the Universe” – an ode to Beatles, love and freedom (in my humble opinion, that is). For a more reliable description of the movie, you may take a look at the IMDB website:

Enjoy a piece of it here, and if possible watch the full movie, it’s amazing!

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