Orange and yogurt cake recipe. Ricetta Torta allo Yogurt e Arancia.

orange yogurt cake2orange yogurt cake3


Mix together in a bowl the following ingredients, in the following order:

2 eggs and 180 gr sugar, stir until creamy;
125 gr yogurt, 50 gr sunflower oil, a pinch of salt, juice and grated peel of 1 orange and a half, stir well;
350 gr flour and a tablespoon of baking powder;

spread some butter in an oven bowl (round or for plum cakes) and sprinkle some flour on it, or cover the oven bowl with tin foil;

pour the mix into the oven bowl and cook for around 30 minutes at 180*, in a 200* preheated oven.

orange yogurt cake

After 30 minutes, check with a toothpick if the cake is ready or still liquid.

When ready, turn off the oven but keep the cake inside for around 5 minutes. This will ensure the cake won’t deflate.

Afterwards garnish it with a mix of honey and orange juice to spread on top.
However there are many other ways to decorate it:

  • sugar, orange juice and corn syrup
  • with candied slices of orange
  • orange frosting
  • marmalade


Mescolare bene in una ciotola i seguenti ingredienti, nel seguente ordine:

Prima di tutto, 2  uova e 180 gr zucchero;
125 gr yogurt, 50 gr olio di semi, un pizzico di sale, succo e scorza grattuggiata di un’arancia e mezza;
350 gr farina e una bustina di lievito in polvere;

imburrare e infarinare una teglia da forno (rotonda o da plumcake), o coprirla con uno strato di carta d’alluminio;

versarci dentro il composto e cuocere per 30 min a 180* in un forno precedentemente riscaldato a 200*.

Dopo 30 minuti fare la prova dello stuzzicadenti.

Quando la torta é pronta, spegnere il forno e attendere 5 minuti prima di estrarre il dolce, per evitare che si sgonfi.

Infine decorare con un composto preparato con miele e succo d’arancia.
Tuttavia vi sono molti altri modi per decorare una torta all’arancia, tra cui:

  • zucchero, succo d’arancia e sciroppo di mais
  • con fette d’arancia candite
  • glassa all’arancia
  • marmellata alle arance

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  1. Hey looks great. Thanks for using my post as related articular. Zementa is great, right.:) You have a great blog here. Your photos and recipes look amazing.

    I would like to invite you over to Savor the Food. I would appreciate your comments and readership. So stop by and read the related post..Link: . Also I want so bad to go to Ireland. I love the color Green and the pictures I seen of Ireland are wonderful. The last movie I seen was Leap Year and it took place there in Ireland.

    Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to more of Chocolate Spoon & The Camera has to post.

    Chef Randall


    • Hi Chef, first of all many thanks!

      Zementa is a really great tool to connect to find new interesting blogs! In fact I am now following your blog and looking forward to reading your posts😀 I especially find great the way you explain each step of your recipes and the pictures containing names or describing each step!

      Leap Year? I haven’t watched that yet, thanks for mentioning, I am gonna watch it soon!

      PS. you should have a look at and plan an Irish holiday soon! Saint Patrick’s day, in March, is a great time to visit, but also the time-frame April – June, as the weather is at its best then. Oh, and September too!

      For a little taste of Ireland, please visit:

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