Fennel fritters. Finocchi fritti.

finocchi fennels


A recipe coming all the way from the South of Italy, from the Christmas night dinners in Sicily. Boil some fennels, each one cut in 4 pieces; Drain them and then soak them in a mixture of egg, parmesan or grana cheese and a sprinkle of salt; Then cover each one with breadcrumbs; Fry them in a pan with 1 or 2 cm of sunflower or olive oil. [for 2 fennels use around 2 or 3 eggs]rito.com)

3 thoughts on “Fennel fritters. Finocchi fritti.

  1. That looks simply delicious. I will now try, but with out wheat flour. Must make it with something like garbanzo flour…..thank you for sharing.



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