Seabass and Red Wine Sauce

A simple, delicious, low fat and quick recipe for week days. Because dieting shouldn’t be boring or tasteless!!!

Fresh seabass 2 fillets (Tesco’s “The Saucy Fish Co”) + sea salt, black pepper and rosemary;
cook in the oven for 20 min at 220′, serve hot.


Tesco mushroom selection with parsley (chestnut and button mushrooms, etc.) 160gr
10 cherry tomatoes and 3tbsp tomato passata
2 tbsn red wine, red chilli flakes, basil and salt;
cook passata and tomatoes in a saucepan with less than 1 cm of water, after a few minutes add the mushrooms and the seasoning, but only add the wine during the last 5 minutes of cooking.

sauce mushrooms chilli flakesfish

6 thoughts on “Seabass and Red Wine Sauce

  1. Real pretty! Looks delicious… For great info on the ‘fat’ myths of the last fifty years check out the weston price foundation website! also nourishing traditions!! which is a book! no need to go lowfat!! regardless this post makes me want seabass!! take it easy…


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