Tartiflette with Reblochon Cheese

Bonsoir everybody!

Here is the delicious tartiflette recipe I used a few days ago, together with pictures!

As I showed the recipe to some French friends before preparing it, I can also guarantee it is French approved😉

Boil 2 kg of potatoes; when ready, let them cool, chop them, put them into a baking tray as in the pic below:


In a saucepan, fry 200 gr “lardons” (small cubes-cut pieces of bacon or larding fat cut from the belly of pork), then add a chopped onion:

tartiflette (1)

When nearly ready, add salt and pepper:

tartiflette (1)

And also 2 tbsp of white wine…

tartiflette (3)

One more minute and then add one pack of creme fraiche:

tartiflette (1)

Once everything is ready, pour this mixture over the potatoes, then cut a reblochon cheese in 4 halves (some people only cut it in 2 halves):

tartiflette (1)tartiflette (1)
tartiflette (1)

Remove the little green/yellowish round tag which is on its skin, as it is not edible and then put each piece of cheese over the top of the potatoes, with its skin looking upward:

tartiflette (1)

Place it in the oven for 30 minutes and don’t be put off by the smell, it hides a treasure for your palate:

tartiflette (1)

Et voilá! The tartiflette is ready! Enjoy it with a white French wine and a long nap afterwards😉 because…oh yeah, I forgot to mention… it is REALLY a fat dish, but worth the effort and the kcal!

PS. As you can see from this last picture, I forgot to remove the green/yellowish round tag (I circled it in red in the pic).

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